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Who I am

Hello, my name is Joseph Stanford. I have had the pleasure of being a photographer for many years, it didn’t start the way though. Having grown up in South West Michigan and working for a family automotive business for over 20 years I decided it was time for a change. I had always had a creative side that I wanted to explore, this led me to a camera store and the rest is history.

I am married to my best friend and together we have a 3 yr. old son.

Why choose Joseph Stanford Photography

  • Built on quality not quantity

    Whether it's a 600 square foot apartment or a 14,000 square foot estate. Our process yields stunning photos every time.

  • All photos are hand edited

    Each frame is optimized for clarity, exposure and crisp colors. I pour over the details.

  • Next day delivery or it's free

    Time spent waiting on photos could result in lost revenue, we won't slow you down.

  • We want to help build your brand

    How you sell yourself and how your clients see you is important to us. We want to make you look good.

All of our packages are designed and optimized for just about every viewing device from smart phones to desktops.

We capture, edit and deliver our photos in ultra high resolution to ensure they will stand out and make the best impression possible.

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Meet joe

Joseph Stanford
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We want to help Build Your Brand