LightFusion is a technique I use to blend a photo using the natural ambient light of a room and a photo using artificial lighting to make the finished photo as close to what the human eye sees as possible. It ensures rich and color accurate results every time and helps capture the views outside as well as inside. A camera is not capable of capturing everything the human eye can see so we help it along with some new technology and a little bit of computer magic.
We are located in Kalamazoo and will travel up to a 50 mile radius. Farther distances and out of state travel will be subject to a pre-negotiated fee.
The number of deliverable photos varies depending on the square footage of the home. Please refer to the pricing page for the specific number of photos. If extra photos are ever needed please specify at time of ordering.
All of our standard packages come with a next day delivery of photo and video at no extra charge. If you require same day delivery please choose our "Expedited Delivery" package at time of ordering. Special requests may add time to the delivery but we will make every attempt to adhere to the next day delivery guarantee.
When you become a client with Joseph Stanford Photography you will have access to your own online portal which will allow you to download your photos/video, host your own web page with a branded or MLS complaint unbranded page. Your portal will also allow you to market your listing via all of the popular social media outlets, email and even print full color flyers with our drag and drop flyer builder. All of these items and more come with any of our packages at no extra charge.
Booking a shoot couldn't be easier. Our online ordering system allows you to book a shoot right from our webpage. Our ordering system allows you to see our schedule and pick a date and time thats best for you. Larger projects or homes over 10,000 sq. ft. should be handled via a phone call placed to us.
We allow for online payment with a credit card or PayPal at time of ordering. If other means of payment are required please contact us so we can arrange.
Although HDR has it's applications we believe real estate photography is not one of them. HDR is a means of taking several photos of the same scene with varying exposure values to allow for the final photo to be evenly lit throughout the tonal range when blended together. This works but has a few side effects, the worst being muddied or inaccurate color rendering. This can also give a "fake" or "unrealistic" look to the final photo. (please see our about us page for examples). We use a similar procedure in that we take multiple photos of the same scene to even out the tonal range but that's where we go the extra mile to hand blend and color correct each frame to ensure crisp and accurate colors. We also use several off camera light sources to eliminate dark areas in a scene. You know, the dark room at the end of a hallway, or the dark corner of a large room. This is included in every package we offer, we want to make your listings and your brand look the best they can.

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We offer quick and easy online payment options via PayPal. No PayPal account? No problem, just pay with your debit or credit card. Invoice options are available in certain circumstances.

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We have an introductory special for all new clients. 25 photos, next day turnaround and FREE enhanced curb appeal package. (up to 3,500 sq. ft.)

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